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The Latest And Greatest

Wow! Great compos this year! Combined 4k Intro just ended and holy shit were they good or what? I felt bad when voting when I couldn't give any recognition to the 5 other intros that I really liked after picking my top 3. A few Amiga intros opened a can of whoop ass on some PC intros, some intros featured really advanced synths that delivered high-quality music and some intros featured graphics so cool I swear they could have been demos. The browser demo also featured many great entries. Vocal Music entries were well produced, but only a handful fit my taste at all. (Then again, the ones I voted 1st and 2nd fit it very well!) Freestyle Graphics looked very nice, a lot of effort there. It's been a day full of awe-inspiring works and tough voting decisions.

Next up: The winners of the compos seen so far and how I felt about them.

(Editor's note: I never wrote the next entry on the partyplace. I might write it up later.)

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