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Why is here?

Because is full of irrelevant (but fun) things. Sometimes you may be looking for just the relevant stuff, and this project is trying to make that easier. Also, viewing the actual site with Lynx or handheld devices that have small screens and little to no support for advanced CSS tricks and all that is kind of painful. The biggest problem is the sidebar menu that's LOOOONG and on Lynx you have to scroll past it to see the actual content (by design the sidebar was meant to be at the main table's side, but Lynx and other less sophisticated applications are not capable of positioning two tables in such a manner). is an ongoing effort. There are frooglepoopillions of bugs and missing features and this really doesn't look as good as it could look (even though I'm aiming for compatibility with 2-color displays and so forth). Suggestions and comments are always welcome, nonetheless.

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