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Oldskool Music: AbFab!

Wow! Fantastic oldskool music compo! Absolutely fabulous! I liked it a lot more than the Instrumental compo. Spectacular efforts on all platforms, right from the start. "Cyberdragon" (for C64) is my favourite, the bass and groove is mindblowing. I look forward to getting the entries so I can listen to them again.

The Flip Side

That twat in the next table I mentioned earlier has been pushing the envelope as far as really, really bad music goes. He has proven to be an utterly distasteful person, and most likely insane (because I don't believe for a second that anyone in their right mind could be amused by such crap for such prolonged periods at such loud volumes). Speaking of really sad pseudo-amusing "music", one particular childrens song has been spreding like the plague around the stadium... But I'd better not get into that, because if you've been here you know what I'm talking about and if you're not here, explaining it won't do much good because you simply cannot relate to my pain. Suffice to say, this song has created plenty of controversy among the visitors.

Still going strong.

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