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You know who's great too? Adam Tell.
posted by Saboteur on 13.11.2017 21:41

I took a little bit of a punch to the heart from Adam Tell recently. Don't worry, I'm better for it! That just seemed like the most apt way to convey how this artist and his music has made me feel. I like him for the same reasons I like Fox Stevenson (Stan SB)'s earlier work - the strong beatwork, uplifting melodies and compelling lyrics, combined in just the right proportions.

Adam Tell doesn't entirely avoid the dubstep sound stylings so prevalent in electronic music today, but what delights me in his music is the way he lets songwriting be the entrée, and bass programming the side dish. A good B-section does a lot for a track, and I feel like I hear that way too seldom these days.

He has a diverse catalogue to explore on Spotify, and I always struggle with picking out single recommendations. I'll just drop "Roll the Tape" and "Plant The Beginning" here so you can see if your curiosity is piqued. Hope you end up enjoying the music even half as much as I do, because I love it so much I just couldn't shut up about it!

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